Cubs Fan Hooks Up Trevor Bauer With A Drone


This might not be the news Indians fans want to hear, but Game 2 starter Trevor Bauer has himself a brand new drone to play with!

Okay. You Clevelanders can chill and take a step off the ledge, because it’s just a mini-drone sent from cheeky Cubs fan Jason Mollett:

I see the @Cubs fans love me! How nice of them to send me a gift!

— Trevor Bauer (@BauerOutage) October 26, 2016

Even Bauer’s teammates think the troll gift is hilarious:

When Cubs fans send @BauerOutage gifts 😂😂😂😂 #safealternative

— 🦉Mike Clevinger 🌺 (@Mike_Anthony13) October 26, 2016

In case you wanted to get yourself your own Cheerson mini-drone, it’ll only set you back around $12 plus shipping. Mollett tweeted out his order details and you have to respect the guy getting two-day shipping so it would reach Trevor in time:

. @MLBNetworkRadio I don't know if my package was received

— ⚾ Zorag ⚾ (@zorag) October 26, 2016

that's me!

— ⚾ Zorag ⚾ (@zorag) October 26, 2016