41 NSFW Black Dudes React To Scottie Pippen's Wife & Future Allegations

I knew the day I saw Larsa Pippen, long time wife of Scottie Pippen, hanging out with the Kardashians on boats and in clubs that there would come a day when Scottie would eventually get burned. The Kardashian effect would eventually get to Larsa and she’d go looking for that exciting tabloid lifestyle. The day, it seems, is here. Scottie has filed for divorce and there are rumblings that this all stems from a possible Larsa Pippen on Future’s private jet moment.
Word on the street — I obviously can’t confirm — is that Future was tagging Mrs. Pippen on his private jet and there are even rumors that Scottie once big timed Future over an autograph when the rapper was a little kid. Ultimate revenge? Could it be that Future banged Scottie’s wife to get back at the member of the NBA’s 50 All-Time Best list?
I can confirm that this story has ROCKED the NSFWBD community and that the BDs are supporting Scottie’s decision to kick Larsa out and use his prenup papers. The one theme I keyed in on, but has yet to really catch on, is that Scottie — known as a shutdown defender — didn’t play very good defense in this game.
The 51 year old is now about to be a divorced dad and gets to watch is baby mama, 42, hanging on drug dealing rappers. Weird times.

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