Leebs Gets Shirtless, Catches Raccoon With Box Of Lucky Charms & 5 Pumpkins…Indians In 7!

Your favorite Cleveland superfan — LEEEEEBS! — is back to his normal shenanigans as we get closer to the start of the most anticipated World Series of my lifetime. I bet you thought Leebs would be working on his tan, maybe pick out some new jewelry for the big Game 1 in Cleveland Tuesday night and maybe hit the gym a little bit.
Leebs went out and caught a pesky raccoon on his property with a box of Lucky Charms and five pumpkins. Then he posted a bunch of photos on Facebook showing us he’s ready for the World Series.
This guy is a goddamn genius and and he doesn’t even try. By the way, I’m told that Leebs was mad at me over something. Not sure what’s going on, but I’ve been nothing but complimentary from Day 1. There were BC fans at the ALCS getting pics with the legend and I said something about wanting to party with the legend.
If you’re close to Team Leebs let me know if there’s a legitimate beef going on here.
Indians in 7.

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