Guy Sings National Anthem & Paints Iwo Jima Flag Raising At Hockey Game




Joe Everson made a name for himself tonight over the Internet after his national anthem performance before the Toledo Walleye (ECHL) home opener. Everson sang the anthem and painted the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima, which has resulted in a crush of attention across Twitter.

This isn’t Everson’s first rodeo with the anthem & Iwo Jima painting performance. He actually advertises this exact act on his website. You can hire Joe to do this for as little as $150 if you’re 100 miles from his residence. Check rates here.

From Joe’s bio:

As an extremely gifted art student in his early teens, Joe Everson found himself at an impasse with his teacher. After she instructed the class to paint something highly-technical and refined, Joe painted abstract colors out of his own imagination. “Why do I need to do that? Art can be anything”, said the rebellious young student. The teacher, not wanting to stifle creativity, but needing to share some much-needed wisdom with the boy, simply quoted the great Pablo Picasso, “The best artists learn the rules before they break them”.

Want to buy Joe’s paintings? Here you go!

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