Charlie Sheen Weighs In On The MLB Playoffs, Ratajkowski At Dodger Stadium & Virginia Tech Taking A Sign Too Far

What if Cleveland gets another 2016 title?
In a year that’s been pretty awful all around with this dumbass election, celebrity deaths, and the racial tension that’s going on, somehow lowly Cleveland, Ohio has a chance to get it’s second title IN ONE YEAR. That’s insane. After all of these years of making fun of them for how depressing their sports fandom is, they are 4 wins away from their second ring in 52 years and second ring in 2016. But here’s the problem: you Cleveland fans don’t have that to fall back on anymore. There’s no more curse to use as an excuse and there’s no more losing identity for you anymore. You’re just there like the rest of us in cities with a title or two. But I’m happy for you, Cleveland.
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