Britt McHenry With Wilbon, Bama-A&M Hate Week Rolls On & Napoli Enjoys A Bud Heavy


morning twitpics


Going to hopefully cross off an item from the bucket list today

I’m supposed to go up in a Goodyear Blimp today in Akron at the Goodyear facility where they keep the blimps. I know you’re hoping the blimp has a malfunction. Let’s say everything goes smooth…it’ll be a bucket list day. You can’t just buy a ticket to go on a 30-minute ride in the blimp. I read the waiver form and Goodyear specifically says blimp rides are “invitation only” and somehow I secured one of those coveted invitations. What am I expecting? Next-level hot air ballooning inside a nice temperature controlled cockpit. Goodyear will be christening Wingfoot Two, a new blimp, so it will be an honor to be there for such a major event in blimp history. Some of you obviously think this is just a day off. It’s going to be a grind. The weather’s supposed to be garbage, I was told to bring a rain coat and there’s no Wi-Fi at the testing grounds. This is going to test me and all that I’ve trained for over the years on BC. Happy Thursday everyone.

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