Introducing Constance Jablonski, Texas H.S. QB Goes Burfict & Kipnis Chirps Bautista


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Cubs-Dodgers? Bears at Packers? Miami at Va. Tech? Then you degens get BYU-Boise State late night to gamble on and get the weekend rolling. WNBA fans get Game 5 of the championship. You know it’s weird how I never see the social justice warriors live tweeting those games. You’d think they would respect women more than that. That one tips at 8 on ESPN2.

I think you’re going to like model Constance Jablonski

LeBron & the boys go wild watching ALCS at bar

ASU’s Kappa Sigma throws wild pool party

Angry hockey guy of the week

Texas H.S. football QB with a Suh moment

Kipnis to Bautista: Suck it

Florida Man calls 911, warns of Hillary presidency, has TV turned up real loud

Meet Shira from USC

Mozgov Blocks The Slim Reaper Vine of the Year

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