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Your Week 6 NFL Playoff Probabilities

Vikings-Patriots Super Bowl in Houston. That’s the highest probable matchup now that the Vikings have the Packers looking like a road Wild Card team. How bad is the AFC? Houston has the second highest probability of making the Super Bowl (6%) to the Patriots (10%). Big Ben’s off having surgery (yep, the Patriots play the Steelers this week…perfect timing, right?) and the rest of the AFC is a mess. You think the Raiders are going into Foxboro in late January and beating Tommy? What about Trevor Siemian? The NFL’s such a dumpster fire right now that the Cowboys aren’t even evil. I have no idea how you’d ever hate Dak and Zeke unless you’re just a hateful person.

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#Indians Andrew Miller is due just $9MM over each of the next two seasons. Imagine what he would get on the open market after this…

— Ryan M. Spaeder (@theaceofspaeder) October 18, 2016