Meet Blue Jays Fan Katie Lynn Page


I said on Tuesday that we were going back to posting hot chicks for the MLB playoffs since other sites out there won’t do it these days. Like I said, when they zig, we have to zag. So that meant Natalie was featured for Game 3 and the Blue Jays won. Today it’s Katie Lynn Page’s turn to be the miracle worker. (I’m rooting for Game 7s and then for the Indians to win in 16 innings.)

Katie Lynn is much more active with the Blue Jays gear than Natalie. She seems to be on an every three months routine with the BJs gear and even more active now that it’s the playoffs.

What do we know about Katie Lynn? She lives in Toronto, spends a bunch of time in the U.S. because we have beaches and Vegas. It looks like she used to work as a Budweiser Girl. It also looks like she’s spent some time in Calgary doing the country thing.

This is the beauty of being an IG model. You can literally leave the bio behind and just be this random IG wearing Blue Jays gear. One thing could lead to another and you’re featured on 5-6 blogs across the U.S. and end up as a Vegas pool waitress or one of Manziel’s weekend slam pieces.

[KatieLynnPage25 – IG]


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