1-Day Private QB Camp With Joe Montana Will Only Set You Back $65K

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Luxury store Neiman Marcus revealed their 2016 “Fantasy Gifts” for the holiday season, and as per usual, you can get some crazy shit assuming you have Steve Ballmer money to drop.

That rose gold private plane you’ve always needed in your life? Just $1.5 million!

And if there are any dads out there who desperately need Hall-of-Fame tutelage for their aspiring NFL quarterback sons, you can land a private sesh with 49ers legend Joe Montana for $65,000.

Details from Neiman Marcus:

The session will include quarterback fundamentals, throwing techniques and drills, plus drawing up plays and a review of the day’s footage with Montana himself. “You will not just walk away with improved skills,” he says, “but a deeper understanding of the Xs and Os.” For extra bragging rights, a photo will be made with the Pro Football Hall of Famer, and he’ll personalize a football. “We are going to get you prepared to take that next step,” says the man who earned his oh-so-cool nickname by staying utterly calm under pressure. “Confidence,” he says, “comes from putting in the work ahead of time: doing your reps, checking the game tape over and over, and working with your coaching crew and teammates to set a strong game plan.”

Expensive for sure, but it sounds a lot better than having “quarterback guru” George Whitfield Jr. chase your kid around with a broom.

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