Buffalo Chick Wants Kaep’s D, Roll Tide Girls Hit The Beach & Joe Buck Is Zodiac Killer?

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What did we learn this weekend?

My Bengals are officially done. The Steelers aren’t nearly as good as I thought, especially with Big Ben on the shelf. The Patriots couldn’t have an easier path to home field and the Super Bowl. The Cowboys look like a Super Bowl team. People are out of their minds questioning what’s wrong with Aaron Rodgers. Guy has a bad game and suddenly the Packers need to look for a new QB and Mike McCarthy is on the hot seat. That’s just how good the Cowboys are. They’re making coaches like Marvin Lewis and McCarthy look like trash — I already called for Marvin to be fired; Mike will be fine. We learned that the Panthers will likely end up with a Top-10 pick. We learned the Bills will make the playoffs and that’s incredibly good news for the Internet. We need snow flying, temps in the single digits and some pretty boy QB going in there in January. Let’s see (3-3) Mariota go in there on Jan. 7. Looking for something to do Christmas weekend? Miami at Buffalo on Xmas Eve. That’s going to be a decent scene. We also learned that there seems to be only one team that can beat Bama: Ohio State. It appears the Big Ten will get a dream scenario on Thanksgiving Weekend: undefeated Michigan and Ohio State. Five more games to go until the matchup of the year.

Numbers From :

Texans are 1st team to overcome 14-point deficit in final 3 minutes since Tim Tebow and Broncos did it in Week 7 of 2011 vs Dolphins

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) October 17, 2016