Before We Kick Vontaze Burfict Out Of The League, Let’s Look At A Different Angle To His Hit On Martellus Bennett


By now you’ve seen the Vontaze Burfict hit on Martellus Bennett that’s making the rounds and creating new hot takes on Burfict being a dirty player. HE WENT AFTER BENNETT’S KNEE! HE TRIED TO TAKE BENNETT OUT OF THE LEAGUE WITH THAT HIT! KICK HIM OUT OF THE LEAGUE! THAT SHOULDN’T BE A SUSPENSION, BUT IT SHOULD BE A HUGE FINE!

Folks, let’s pump the breaks a little bit here and look at all the video we have to analyze.

First, the video that has caused the flaming hot takes:

Now the video of Tom Brady pump faking to Bennett, drawing in Pac Man and Burfict:

Video: On Vontaze Burfict low hit on Martellus Bennett, Tom Brady pump faked to Bennett. (Via CBS broadcast)

— Mike Reiss (@MikeReiss) October 17, 2016

Now let’s go back to 2013 when D.J. Swearinger hit Dustin Keller around the knee, tearing three ligaments during a preseason game. Keller’s career was over.

And 2013 when T.J. Ward hit Gronk low. Ward went on record saying he likely would’ve been fined if he hit Gronk in the head.

So will the NFL find a way to fine Burfict for a hit on a pump fake or will they follow the rules they’ve created where it’s OK to go after a guy’s knees? Of course the NFL and Burfict have a history here. They fined Burfict for a low hit on Roethlisberger’s ankles in 2015.