OHL Fan Climbs Glass So He Can Go For A Jog On The Ice…I Laugh Every Time Someone Does This


I’m a sucker for videos of hockey fans climbing over the glass and running around on the ice. There’s something about climbing over the 7-foot wall (maybe it’s taller, I’m sure a hockey fan will correct my ass on this one) and risk breaking his/her neck to get onto the ice for a streak. How many beers does it take to get to this level? At what point does this seem like the smart move?

Even at the OHL level, like last night’s glass climber, these guys can rip your head off. Luckily, OHL Ice Climber didn’t get pummeled by enraged OHL players. They laughed it off on the bench.

Hockey Guy(s) in 2016…go back 20 years or so and this streaker bro would’ve went home bloodied

As for the game, Mississauga curb stomped Guelph 11-3.

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