Ken Bone In High School, Pregnant Jess Clausen Hits The Pool & Trump Grabs Tommy

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You know how guys like Sean Penn want you to believe they’re out to save the world…

…and it gets annoying how Save The World Guy is always acting like he’s a tofu-eating machine and wants to contribute to saving of the planet? Save The World Guy’s fans think he’s a PBS-watching, NPR-listening, good guy who chisels wood on weekends while wearing flannel. And then you see Sean, 56, about to slip it in on some 24-year-old actress in Hawaii. Yeah, Sean already had a girlfriend, according to the NY Post, and she was a little shocked by the photos that hit the Internet. Save The World Guy is definitely covering up something and it’s usually that he’s a jerkoff. And if you’re dating Sean Penn and you’re shocked that he’s about to give some young chick the D, you’re a moron too.

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The @Cubs are the first team to have two pitchers homer in the same postseason series since the 1924 New York Giants.

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) October 11, 2016