Melissa Stark Bringing The Heater, Leebs Is On Fire & Zeke Filling The Spank Bank


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It’s all over for my Bengals and I was there to watch Zeke put a cap on Marvin’s career

Done. Finished. Not coming back from the grave that Zeke dug for Marvin Lewis and my Bengals on Sunday at Jerry’s World. 28-14 never looked uglier. The Bungwads are 2-3, headed to New England where Tommy wants to absolutely unload on someone and it just happens to be my Bungwads in the way. It’s gonna get ugly, they Bungwads will be 2-4 with playoff teams all over the schedule and they’ll be lucky to finish 6-10. Watch the Browns get hot with Charlie Whitehead and beat the Bungwads in Cleveland on December 11. Meanwhile, Mike Zimmer has the Vikings 5-0 with a 91% probability of making the playoffs with Sam friggin Bradford. Oh and the Steelers are 4-1 with a 77% probability. What’s new? It’s time for Marvin to retire gracefully after 14 years and zero playoff wins.

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