2016 ESPN GameDay Signs: Tennessee At Texs A&M

College GameDay really loves Tennessee this year, huh? Today marks the third time out of six weeks that the show will be doing a Tennessee game, and possibly the third time Lee Corso will have to get creative to pick them without a mascot head. I can’t really talk, though. This website basically invented Tennessee’s season slogan this year (buy your shirts here).
Onto to actually game, here. It’ll be interesting to see if the Vols can keep this magical run their on alive in College Station. It’s one of the hardest places to play and Kevin Sumlin has the Aggies rolling right now. But after seeing the last two weeks from Tennessee, they’ve got some magic juju working that I just can’t pick against.
Here are the best signs live from College GameDay in College Station
GameDay pick: Tennessee +7
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2016 ESPN GameDay Signs: Lousiville At Clemson
2016 ESPN GameDay Signs: Lousiville At Clemson
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