2016 ESPN GameDay Signs: Lousiville At Clemson

Week 5 of the college football season is somehow already here and September is already in the books. Now that October is upon us we’re finally going to be getting an idea of who’s actually good and who was just hot to start the season. Conference games are in full swing now and every weekend it seems like we have one or two games that are very playoff-ish.
And that’s why GameDay is in Clemson this morning. #5 vs #3 in a game that’s probably going to determine the ACC Atlantic division winner and most likely the ACC champion. Clemson has been playing better lately after looking rusty to start the season and of course Louisville has Lamar Jackson who’s been destroying everything in his path. It should be an awesome game.
GameDay pick: Louisville -1

2016 ESPN GameDay Signs: Florida At Tennessee
2016 ESPN GameDay Signs: Florida At Tennessee
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