Latina Vanessa Stops By, Larry The Cable Guy Snaps & Joe Buck’s Addiction



What will I be watching tonight? Whatever is on TV in the Fort Worth bar I’ll be enjoying. Baseball nerds with enjoy a quadruple-header starting at 1 in Texas. TBS has the first two games. FS1 has the night games. There are four college football games on TV tonight including Clemson at Boston College. Will there be a hangover? It’s a busy sports night.

Meet Latina Vanessa…I think you guys will like her

DON’T WATCH: Larry the Cable Guy snaps guy’s arm during arm wrestling match

Florida Man yells “Dicks out for Harambe” during hurricane coverage

Alex Ovechkin trying to golf

Joe Buck’s ridiculous addiction

Such a dick tease from Jacksonville TV reporter

Report: Why are fewer people watching NFL games?

Meet Daniela from Salisbury U.

MLB Playoffs GIF So I Don’t Get Banned On Twitter Of The Day

Salad of the Day

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