Madonna’s Daughter Gone Wild, Ric Flair Returns Fire & Vonn Vs. Perloff Arm Wrestling Match


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It feels damn good to have football back after a couple of days dealing with repressed Baseball Dorks who clearly need to get laid more often. I’ve never met people in sports who are more wound up than Baseball Dorks. They can’t laugh at shit. Zero humor and constantly want to argue over the smallest bullshit imaginable. So, it’s a football night with the Cardinals and 49ers getting it on. This is a sneaky game that usually includes fan fights. We’ll have our eyes out for those videos. ESPN counters with Temple-Memphis for the degen gamblers out there.

Madonna’s daughter got a little crazy on Snap

Ric Flair returns fire at Halle Berry after actress denies riding ‘Space Mountain’

Lindsey Vonn vs. Perloff in arm wrestling

Gigi Hadid takes up boxing for you freaks

ECU QB arrested for….car theft?

Florida TV stations have gone full gonzo over this hurricane

This Florida Man tried to dine & dash at buffet

Meet Hayley from Ohio U.

Parents Weekend Vine of the Week

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