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Why are NFL ratings supposedly down?

That was the big storyline this week on radio shows and across some fake take shows: Why are NFL ratings slumping? Couple things come to mind. (1.) NFL QBs suck right now. You know how NASCAR started getting all the pretty boy marketing machines instead of the good ol boys behind the wheel? A form of that is happening in the NFL. You don’t have a wild child like Manziel. Brady’s out. Peyton’s making commercials. We’re left with Ryan Fitzpatrick in New York. Eli Manning barely speaks. Kirk Cousins drives a conversion van. Roethlisberger is still viewed as a dirtbag. Chicago doesn’t have a QB. I’ll give you 50 tries to name the Rams QB. The 49ers have Blaine Gabbert. Aaron Rodgers stays quiet for the most part. The Vikings are using a reject to win with a great defense. The QB matchups suck balls and the league could use a real gunslinger to step forward. (2.) Too many games. Did you give a shit about that Cardinals-49ers game last night? I love football and didn’t watch a single play from that game. Did you use Twitter last night? You know what was driving the conversation on my timeline? Baseball. I know, craziness. What’s it tell me? You guys are getting bored by all these Thursday, Sunday morning, Monday night games. You’re worn out. I’m hearing it from multiple guys.

Numbers from :

Dustin Pedroia struck out 3 times in a game for the 1st time in his postseason career

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) October 7, 2016

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