Marshall Volleyball Player Kayla Simmons Is Back, Run DMC Rovell, Plus A&M Attacks The Vols

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I have very bad news for those of you who like to go to Vegas for free drinks

Well, they’re not very free once you slam $100 through a slot, lose $98 and drink a couple of $40 beers. Here’s the bad news…brace yourself…free drinks on the Strip as you knew it could soon be a thing of the past. “…getting a free drink for throwing a few coins in a slot may become a thing of the past now that some Strip resorts have started using automated systems to determine who gets comped.” It’s coming folks, paper comps printed out by a machine. Don’t play enough, you’re not getting that drink. And the death of Vegas as most of us knew it back in the day is here. Haven’t been to Vegas lately? Some properties are now charging you to park in their garages. So long Vegas.

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