Rangers Fan Throws Jose Bautista Home Run Ball Back to Elvis Andrus

Rangers fans had an absolutely miserable day watching Jose Bautista and the rest of the Blue Jays stomp on Cole Hamels in Game 1 of the ALDS.

However! People who stuck it out till the end of the game did get to witness a Rangers fan show off his arm while throwing back Joey Bats’ three-run home run ball. Seriously, dude launched the ball all the way back to Elvis Andrus at short:

Most throwbacks aren’t that impressive, so kudos to this guy for making the lone positive Rangers highlight of the day. (Though it’s probably worth noting the thrower is apparently a college baseball player.)

Update: Brookhaven College player Garrett Schulze is the man with the cannon.


The Dallas Morning News’ Tim Cowlishaw confirmed the crazy throw on Twitter:

Fans certainly dug it:

Looks Like Rangers Fans are Ready for Jose Bautista
Looks Like Rangers Fans are Ready for Jose Bautista
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