Yes, Madison Bumgarner Once Gave His Wife A Cow For Her Birthday

That story your buddy told you at the bar about how Madison Bumgarner once bought his then-girlfriend (now wife, Ali) a cow for her birthday is all true. True, true, true. Bumgarner really did buy Ali a cow for her birthday. 1:00 into the video he says it’s true. Tell that to your boys at the bar during the World Series. Blow their minds.
It gets better.
The area near Hickory, North Carolina that Bumgarner comes from is so full of Bumgarners that it’s called “Bumtown.” I’ve had numerous Twitter followers tell me these tales and how not San Francisco the guy is.
And then there is this from a 2012 Yahoo story:

There’s more: Not only did Madison marry his high school sweetheart, Ali – who’s also from here – but he married her in a private ceremony while wearing jeans and a pocket knife. Not exactly high-maintenance.

“Madison’s a great guy,” his dad says. “He’s probably a better person than I am.”

If Justin Verlander could sign a $180,000,000 guaranteed contract in 2013, then how much is Madison Bumgarner worth when he hits free agency in 2018? Kershaw got $215,000,000.
I think someone might be getting a new cow down the road.



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