LeBron James Rookie Card Sells for $312,000

Remember the Steph Curry mouthguard that sold for $3,000? Yeah, that’s no longer the most ridiculous sports purchase of the year, because a 2003 Upper Deck LeBron James autographed rookie card just sold for $312,00 through Goldin Auctions.

It is apparently a one-of-a-kind card (literally, it’s a 1/1) that is elevated by the NBA logo right next to LeBron’s autograph (via Goldin Auctions):

The card’s glorious obverse design is centered around a stunning and full-color, game-action image of LeBron. The coveted “logoman” NBA-symbol patch, taken from one of James’ own jerseys, is placed to the left. Below the patch is the “1/1” limited edition serial number, formally confirming that the card is truly unique. Finally, gracing the area beneath the athlete’s image, LeBron’s rare full and rich rookie signature appears in blue marker.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell notes it’s the third-highest price someone has paid for a basketball card behind a 1969 Lew Alcindor and 1949 George Mikan.
The auction for the ultimate LeBron card saw 20 bids in a total.

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