Vols Fan Nammy Is Back With A Message For Georgia

Old girl IS BACK! My girl Nammy wasn’t a one-hit wonder with her foul mouthed message for the Florida Gators just over a week ago. Now she’s rolling. Now the Vols are over that Florida hump and Nammy has to keep the choo choo rolling. She is now a household name in Knoxville where fans are clamoring for her latest work.
Here it is.

Grade: B-
Need Nammy to drop a couple of f-bombs. Get through Georgia and then really let loose for Texas A&M. There’s nothing better than a sweet grandma dropping f-bombs during the college football season. This is what BC lives for and has been all about for nearly nine years (the anniversary is coming up in early December).
The Nammy train is leaving the station. Get on board, boys.

Nammy’s message to Florida:

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