Browns Fan Updates Cleveland Quarterback Halloween Graveyard

Remember Browns fan Tony Timoteo, the fan who created a Browns quarterback Halloween graveyard to commemorate all the dead (*they’re not dead, don’t get all bent out of shape) quarterbacks that the Browns have ruined over the years? Of course you remember Tony and his graveyard. It was only the most genius Halloween decoration to come out of Cleveland in 2015.
Tony sent word tonight that he updated his graveyard with a couple of new names, including RG3 and Cody Kessler. The bright side here for all these former Browns QBs is that they’ll forever be remembered as long as Tony keeps putting out his decorations.
Tony said a year ago:

“We have had offers from both neighbors to subcontract their yards out if we run out of space – God – I hope not in the near future!”.

Now we just need Charlie Whitehead to get a snap before Halloween so Tony has to make another headstone.

Tony’s graveyard in 2015:

Josh Gordon to Enter Rehab
Josh Gordon to Enter Rehab
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