Bills Mafia Fans Go Through Tables On The First Sunday At New Era Field

Bills Mafia is back, baby! Yes, I know they had a home game last week, but it was on a Thursday. Sundays at The Ralph (now called New Era Field) is what Bills Mafia lives for. None of this Thursday night bullshit.
So here we go, the first broken table of the first Sunday tailgate for Bills fans.

I’ll admit, that was a little weak by Bills Mafia standards, but don’t think that’s the only one we’re going to see today. We haven’t even hit noon yet, so be prepared for MUCH more. I’ll be updating this post up until kickoff and have made it my duty to post every broken table that these savages smash today.


Another angle


Hottest Fans of the AFC – 2016
Hottest Fans of the AFC – 2016