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Hottest Fans of the AFC – 2016



If you ask a true football fan, who their favorite team is, chances are they are not going to say everyone. Real football fans, especially women, love their teams. Of the four biggest professional sports in America, the NFL has the most loyal of fan bases. That loyalty has spawned a culture of growing up and loving your team. If you live in Oakland, 99.9% chance you will end up a Raiders fan. (At least until they move them to Las Vegas or San Antonio)

As such, the women that grow up loving football, end up becoming the biggest supporters of the game. It has become even more apparent thanks to social media applications like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

These women are fans. The ones that use sports teams for their own potential fame are easy to spot and can be eliminated within seconds. Those fakers aren’t going to end up on this list. This is a list of the sexiest fans of the AFC, the true fans.


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