Pyle Audio Introduces The Smart Robot Vacuum You Can Control From The Bar


I don’t think, I know that life just got so much easier for you losers who won’t actually sweep at home. Our friends at Pyle Audio announced today that they’re introducing the Smart Robot Vacuum with built-in camera. There are days when there’s news that changes the world. This is that kind of news because with this Smart Robot you’ll be able to vacuum your house from the bar.

Side note: I was driving near my house recently and I saw a robot cutting grass. Folks, this stuff is the next wave. You don’t like doing these chores so let a robot do the work for you. Don’t fight it.

From the Pyle Audio team:

Users have the ability to control the Smart Vacuum from a smartphone to view the vacuum, change its direction and even set a weekly cleaning schedule, all while being away from the home. The Smart Robot Vacuum has twin side brushes that clean corners a typical vacuum cannot reach while a multi-suction brush sweeps and collects dust into the vacuum. In video mode you are able to record and view in HD via the smartphone app.

Whatever the need, users can simply set the Smart Robot Vacuum to one of its seven different cleaning modes, and sit back as it takes on the task. No corner goes untouched with its six cleaning modes — automatic clean, corner clean, concentrated clean, manual clean, shadow clean and reservation clean. The reservation mode allows users to set the Smart Robot Vacuum to operate at the same time every day. Users can set it to clean while they are at work and come home to fresh, sparkling floors. Shadow mode detects and cleans shadowed areas users may not think to clean, like under furniture and beds. Its slim 3.4-inch height allows the Smart Robot Vacuum to scurry under just about everything and collect unseen dust and dirt.

You guys already knew what the Smart Robot was capable of doing — while you were at home. Now you’ll be able to hit the app and sweep the house while you’re six beers deep at the bar with your boys. Think about this for a minute. Let’s say you’re at the bar and things are going great with the ladies, but you know your place is a mess. You know the carpet hasn’t been swept in weeks. You know it wouldn’t be cool to take a lady back for a late-night glass of wine.

Fire up the app, get that Smart Robot rolling and you’re gold. Then make sure your new lady gets a good look at the Smart Robot at your pad. She’s going to think you’re amazing. She’ll think you care about chores and keeping clean.

Small investment, big results. Think about it. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these bad boys.

Go get one over at PyleUSA.

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