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This Florida Man Punched A Guy, Hit Him With Shuffleboard Cue & Was Arrested For Battery


How bad do I need video of Herbert Hayden, 81, punching some other shuffleboard bro and then hitting the guy with the shuffleboard cue? I need this video more than I’ve ever needed a video before. I mean, look at this maniac. Looks like death and still wants to kick some ass at the old shuffleboard barn. Probably slammed a couple of cold ones before heading out for his match and had enough of some punk talking shit.

Then this happened.

From WPTV:

Police say Herbert Hayden got into a verbal argument with J Sutton at the Pinellas Park Senior Center located at 7625 59th Street on Wednesday afternoon. The argument quickly escalated into a physical altercation.

Hayden reportedly punched the victim in the face and hit him with his shuffleboard cue causing damage to both cues and giving the victim two 4-inch scratches on his face.

The crime scene:

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