Meet Sloan Young — Jacoby Brissett’s Girlfriend

Sloan Young, girlfriend of New England Patriots quarterback Jacoby Brissett, says on her blog that she hopes “to inspire, challenge, and encourage you with my thoughts and experiences. thank you for journeying with me as i seek to love jesus and others.” That journey also includes watching her boyfriend make the most important start of his football life tonight against the Houston Texans.

Sloan hasn’t blogged since 2015, but says she has a degree from N.C. State in interpersonal communication. She claims that Christ came into her life in 2012 and that eventually led to meeting Brissett.

“God also uses my boyfriend to show me so clearly His grace and love in the man that he is and how he pursues me, protects me, and forgives me like nobody ever has,” she writes.

More from Sloan Young’s bio:

• @XoxSloan — on lockdown

• Knows she has white privilege

• Her boyfriend went in the 3rd round, 91st overall

• Says on her blog that she went into urban ministry after college