Hannah Ferguson’s Glossing Assistant Has Your Dream Job



I guess this is a #Waybackwednesday video from Hannah Ferguson…and I clearly don’t care. I’m posting it. I’m posting it because you guys always say that I have a dream job. You claim that there isn’t a better job out there than sitting on your ass all day in front of a TV, watching sports and writing about sports. Actually, there is a better job out there. The problem is that I don’t think some scumbag like you is getting this job.

Hannah Ferguson has a glossing assistant. That’s right, someone is in charge of making Ferguson glow during shoots. The problem here is that it appears this isn’t some sort of equal opportunity employment situation. I can’t say for sure, but it appears the only way you’re working in that position is either be a woman or gay. Straight guys are getting locked out of this one.

I’ll keep my dream job. I picture this job being long hours, hot as hell and you’re constantly washing off bronzer. Sounds horrible. I can work in my boxers, watch House Hunters DVRs and catch lunch at any hour I’d like.

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