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Meet Louisville Fan Kylie — She Enjoyed That FSU Blowout


What happens when your school destroys #2 Florida State and you had the sign of the day — that got confiscated by the ESPN Sign Police? You get posted on BC and gain a bunch of new IG followers who’re going to jump on the Lamar Jackson and Louisville bandwagon. You might also wake up Sunday as the #1 team in the nation.

That said, it’s time to start profiling Louisville ladies like Kylie, a St. Louis native. She got up real early today for the big GameDay production and showed up with the “FSU Girls Are For Spring Break Only” sign.


Kylie’s profile:


• Knows Zeke Elliott from way back from the old days in St. Louis

• Obviously she’s a St. Louis Cardinals fan

• Has one of the best IG accounts you’ll see at UL

besparkylie – IG

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