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People Wasting Money on Knicks NBA Title Bets

Knicks championship bets

Remember when we told you guys that people were burning money by placing bets on the Browns to win the Super Bowl? Yeah, it looks like this inspired NBA fans, because the Knicks are apparently receiving the most action to win the 2017 title.

According to ESPN’s David Purdum, the Warriors, Spurs and Cavaliers all lag behind the Knicks’ “Super Team:”

Sherman said Tuesday that almost four times as much money had been bet on the Warriors than on any other team. Approximately 60 percent of the money bet on Westgate’s odds to win the NBA title is on Golden State.

The Warriors, however, haven’t attracted the most overall bets to win the championship. At the SuperBook, more bets have been placed on the 80-1 longshot New York Knicks than any other team.

Apparently people need a reminder that Derrick Rose is no longer the MVP version of himself and that Joakim Noah is broken down, but hey, it could happen!

For the degenerates — 2016-17 NBA Over/Under win totals:

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