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Steph Curry Can’t Believe Someone Dropped $3K on His Mouthguard


Remember that disgusting Stephen Curry mouthguard that was up for auction last month? Yeah, as expected, some idiot did burn money and bought it for a cool $3,189.

It’s definitely an crazy amount of money, but hey, at least it’s legit and comes with a letter of provenance.

Or so we thought — Curry didn’t exactly vouch for its authenticity at a fundraiser Q&A (via CBS Sports) :

“I don’t know where that certificate of authenticity came from,” Curry joked.

And like all of us, he can’t believe one of his fanboys spent that much:

“Whoever found it, sold it on eBay for an absurd amount of money,” Curry said during a Q&A at a private fundraiser for Nothing but Nets, a grassroots campaign that works to stop the spread of malaria in Africa. “For some silicon. I don’t understand why.”


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