Neo-Nazi Bama Fan Faces 62 Charges In Pennsylvania Road Rage Incident, Won’t See The Kent State Game


I always hate to hear about college football fans who get arrested during the season, especially when it’s a Neo-Nazi Bama fan who’s facing 62 charges — including some felonies — for a road rage incident over the weekend in south central Pennsylvania. Folks¬†like Jonathan David Fisher are¬†going to miss the heart of the schedule while sitting in a jail cell.

The season is just starting to heat up and Jon is on the hook for a slew of charges. You have to think a few are going to stick and he’s going to miss that huge game against Tennessee on Oct. 15.


Jonathan David Fisher, 34, of Chambersburg, is accused of flashing a gun at a driver and threatening people in six separate vehicles after an initial incident in Chambersburg, according to a news release from Mount Holly Springs police.

The incidents began when a man, later identified as Fisher, pointed a gun at another driver at around 4:45 p.m. near a Wal-Mart on State Route 30 in Chambersburg. Fisher fled the scene heading East on Lincoln Highway East in his brown 2007 Ford Explorer. State police said he cut other drivers off while fleeing.

Look at the time of that incident. 4:45 on Saturday. That was around the time Ole Miss had a 24-17 lead on Bama. I haven’t seen the police report, but maybe Jon went nuts thinking that Hotty Toddy was about to make it three in a row.

Just saying.

Bro, it’s not worth it. Those guys in the county jail will want to watch Penn State. You’re going to miss the normal Bama gauntlet.