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Manziel’s A Rams Fan, Kim Kardashian’s Latest Clothing Choice & Austin Appleby Amused By Vols Fans



You know what time it is tonight…time to give up the remote to the wife/girlfriend so you’re not hogging the damn thing for 6-7 nights each week. Time to rest up for another weekend of football. This is my weekend — Tuesday & Wednesday. It’s time to get other things done like the work in the basement that needs to be done. Of course some of you don’t have relationships so you can watch World Cup of Hockey. Or baseball.

• Manziel’s back in L.A. & now a Rams fan

Kim Kardashian’s latest lack of clothing choice

Meet Vikings cheerleader Saral

Report: Larry Brown wants H.S. coaching job that pays….WHAT?

Gators QB Austin Appleby amused by Vols fans raising $$ for his funeral

Uh oh….The U is back & they’re busting out new unis

Nashville weather guy throws shade at his weather coworker

Meet Casey from Bama

It Never Gets Old Trent Dilfer Moment of the Century

Sandwich of the Day

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