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Lindsey Pelas Hits The Beach, Chris Harrison vs. Nick Saban & Brian Kelly Twitter Controversy



Eagles at Bears, anyone? Wentz goes for 2-0. Gruden gets to tell us how he had Wentz rated as a 10-star draft pick. Gruden gets to act like he’s a big fan of the Bears 3rd string defensive tackle. Here we go with another MNF game that we don’t need to care about but we care about because it’s the only thing on TV. Or you can watch baseball.

Lindsey Pelas hit the beach this weekend

Kim Kardashian showing off her spray tan for you guys

S.F. Giants rookies cross-dressing hazing

‘Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison deletes Saban tweet

Brian Kelly vs. d-coordinator Twitter controversy

There’s a creepy clown outbreak in Ea. KY…this is weird

Florida Man claims he knows where body is buried in order to win prize package

Meet Abigail from Cal State Long Beach

White Privilege Vine of the Day

Sandwich of the Day

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