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Gamecocks Fan Russ Tried To Hang With ECU Tailgaters, Took The L


They crew over at ECU’s Pirate Radio claim a Gamecocks tailgater named Russ took 11 beers, a water and Diet Dew out of an ECU fan’s cooler during Saturday’s festivities in Columbia. The Gamecocks won the game 20-15 in a game that doesn’t matter to us. We’re here for Gamecock Russ taking the L in the back of some ECU fan’s truck.

Details are fuzzy on this one. I’m still trying to figure out if Russ was lit up by an ECU fan or if he passed out after drinking all the beer. I’ll work to finalize the details. True, most news agencies would get the details and then turn it into a blog post. Not BC. Gotta get this stuff posted before the 15-20 lazy ass blogs out there that poach our shit start analyzing out Twitter likes for material.

Have a tailgating story we need to hear about? Fight videos from tailgates? Drunk fans on video? Send ’em in. or @bustedcoverage

Update: Cock Russ went out cold after the 11 beers

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