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Buy This Michigan State Tailgate Short Bus — $3,200


After a convincing win against Notre Dame on Saturday, we didn’t expect Michigan State tailgate vehicles to be on the market before this week’s big game against Wisconsin.

But if you’re in the market, the Spartans-themed Ford short bus above is available for just $3,200. It has around 289,000 on the odometer and can easily seat at least eight of your Spartan pals.

Details from the seller:

Tailgaters Wanted – Amazing Sparty party bus that will satisfy all your tailgating needs. Lions Games, Tigers Games, Red Wings Games…you name it…everyone will see you coming.

Runs great on all 289,000 miles. 7.3L V8 Turbo Diesel E-350.

As usual with Spartans vehicles, there’s a good chance you can use it during the NCAA Tournament as well.


Additional photos of the Spartans bus:

Nothing spectacular in terms of design, but it gets the job done:



Ample seating:

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