Auburn Fan Is Selling His Tricked Out Ambulance & Trailer & It’s Pretty Damn Nice


These aren’t the best of times for Auburn football. The Tigers are 1-2, might not make a bowl game and fans are dumping their incredible tailgating rides in the middle of the season. This is tragic news for a program that is five years removed from winning the national title and had Florida State beat in the 2014 national title game.

Now comes the news on Facebook that the Au Fanbulance is for sale and the news is attracting some serious attention in eastern Alabama.

The Ultimate AU Tailgating Experience
2006 International Ambulance with matching Trailer. This Fanbulance is the ultimate tailgating machine.
•Custom wrap on both pieces with great detail.
•4 TV bays on exterior that can watch 4 different games.
•The interior with hard wood floors, custom cabinets, fridge, sofa and TV in front.
•Lounge with two sofas and 60 inch TV in the back.
•Air Condition
•All TVs work off of the Dish on the top of the trailer that at the touch of a button will pop up and find the signal all on its own.

 Price: $59,900

The trailer looks pretty damn nice. You could easily sleep in that thing for the weekend. We don’t get a peek inside the actual ambulance. I’d definitely want to take a look at what’s going on there before just jumping on this rig. We post a ton of tailgating rides and custom jobs and this is probably the best trailer we’ve seen to date.

The TV setup is perfect. The electronics are professionally organized. The interior is perfect. My only complaint: no toilet (that I can see and no mention in description). If I’m dropping $60k there better be a throne to drop a hot deuce. I’m not using some Porta Potty.

Would I trade the Cam Newton BCS pants for this rig? Somehow add a toilet and I’d open up negotiations.


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