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Vols Fan Nammy Jumps On The #WGWTFA Bandwagon…Watch Her Destroy Florida


It’s on this week in Knoxville. Vols fans are feelin’ it. They’ve been ready for this one since the schedules came out. They want Florida BAD in a game that has attracted GameDay – again – and is another major hurdle for the Vols to jump over in that quest for the SEC East title.

#WGWTFA has been the rallying cry over the last couple of weeks and now we even have VFLers getting their grandmas to make videos. I’ve tried to explain to northerners how football is so much different down south. These people don’t even mess around, they stick a phone in grandma’s face and tell her to send a message to Florida fans.

That’s livin the #WGWTFA lifestyle. Nammy is officially ready.

Have a #WGWTFA video we need to see and post? Let me know: @bustedcoverage or

Also, don’t forget to buy a shirt for your grandma.


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