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Georgia Fan Loses His Mind After Game Winning TD, Smashes Hand Through A Glass Window, Ends Up In The Hospital


These are the ups and downs of being a Georgia fan. It’s a rollercoaster ride from hell that unsurprisingly can lead to people being in the hospital. This kid was probably ready to drink himself into a coma because Georgia was going to lose a game in Missouri that they should win, until Jacob Eason throws a beautiful game winning TD pass on fourth and 10. Then this happens.

Going from the depths of sadness to the overwhelming feeling of victory as a Georgia fan is what makes people toss a cooler across the room and then smash his arm the window of the back door. The emotional jump is too much to handle.

And then after that high comes down, you realize you cut a giant gash in your arm and need immediate medical attention.

Now he’s stitched up and ready for Ole Miss next week.

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