Hottest 4th Grade Teacher In U.S., Steelers-Redskins Baby Bet & News Interview Of The Year



Jets-Bills on CBS or Houston Cougars vs. Cincinnati on ESPN. That’s a decent night of football. It’s color rush night, but the Jets won’t wear all green. They’ll be in white with a few changes for those of you out there who are colorblind. Soccer dorks get three afternoon games on the Fox Sports family of networks.

Meet 4th grade teacher Paris Monroe

Tavon Austin’s car in L.A. police chase, but WR wasn’t driving

Paris Hilton was generous to homeless guy who wanted pizza & sex

Crazy people wager their 7-month-old’s fandom on Steelers-Redskins game

10 Great Suggestions For Louisville’s Guest Gameday Picker

Definitely the best news interview of the month…maybe the year

Florida Man needs to avoid drugs….LOOK AT THIS SHIT!

Meet Ingrid from Montclair

The Rare MLB Vine That You’ll See On BC Vine Of The Day

Breakfast Tacos of the Day

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