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South Carolina State Player Forgets To Kneel In The Endzone, Throws Ball To Ref, Clemson Recovers For A Touchdown


You gotta feel for this kid. His first game in Death Valley, Clemson’s play like dog shit these past two weeks, you’re in a perfect spot for a miracle upset, and then this happens.

You’re pissed that you don’t get a chance to shine and run the kick back, your mind wanders so you forget to take the knee for a touchback, you toss the ball to the ref, and next thing you know Clemson recovers and is on the board. Brutal.

I blame this on high school football rules. Kids aren’t allowed to run kicks out of the end zone and that’s burned in their brains for four years. Then all of the sudden your returning kicks in college and you completely forget. Get it together high school, let’s keep these rules universal.

Now if this kid is a junior or senior at SCSU, then it’s completely his fault. Don’t be an idiot and take a knee.

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