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FSU Delta Gamma Recruiting Video, Meet Mrs. Universe & Calipari Recruits In Barbershop



There’s nothing on TV tonight just like last night. I actually spent my Tuesday night watching Chip and Joanne fix up a house and then fell asleep to PBS Frontline. Decompression time! And it felt so damn good. If you’re desperate to gamble, there’s a bunch of soccer to attack. There are three games that kick at 2:30 EST. Or baseball. Good ol baseball. I’ll pass and I used to love that sport.

FSU’s Delta Gamma is out with a recruitment video

Here she is! Mrs. Universe

A.I. leaves HOF trophy at hotel

Calipari goes recruiting at barbershop

Meet the 9 yr old rugby beast

Damn…more drinking stories from 20/20’s Elizabeth Vargas

Florida Man uses wisdom tooth defense for DUI

Meet Whitney from Northeastern

Dickhead Steelers Fan of the Week

Sandwich of the Day

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