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Bama Pam Dresses Her Baby Jamison In His Bama Onesie…And I Can’t Stop Watching This Madness


You know the deal around here — I traffic in the craziest shit I can find that other outlets won’t post or think they’re too good to post. Not me. I came from nothing, have no ambitions to ever be some highfalutin site where the bloggers take headshots in suits and try to act like they’re mainstream media. Not me. I want to be just the opposite. That’s why things like Bama Pam dressing her baby doll Jamison in his Bama gear is an instant post on BC.

The crazier the shit, the more I need to post it and Bama Pam is just the next star to shine on BC. By now I know what you guys like and it’s things like Bama Pam that keep you entertained at work.

Bama Pam details (I watched the whole video so I can report on what’s going on here):

• This video was recorded Labor Day weekend just before Bama destroyed USC

• Jamison is being dressed in his Nick Saban gameday attire; The Nick polo…Nick khakis and cute bear shoes that I assume were purchased at Walmart

• Bama Pam is having a tough time right now bonding with her baby doll named Penelope

• Bama Pam says she’s going to sell Penelope on eBay because the bonding just won’t happen…she just can’t find a connection to Penelope

• Bama Pam complains about the prices of dolls on eBay, thinks people are crazy for selling shoddy dolls on eBay

• Bama Pam’s on antibiotics and she’s battling a cold, probably picked it up from Penelope

• Bama Pam can’t believe how big the Saban khakis are on little Jamison

• It’s 5:54 a.m. — little Jamison needs to get changed out of his overnight gear and into something a little more festive in time to watch GameDay

• I’m guessing this is a trailer just based on subject matter



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