Johnny Manziel is BACK… To Drinking Again


The picture above is from last weekend when Johnny made his triumphant return to the College Station bar scene. The next day everyone across the board is reporting that Johnny is returning to school and enrolling in online classes at A&M.

Now it looks like Johnny is going full college again and was spotted on camera at a bar in Austin earlier this week double fisting like a champ.

Now we can’t confirm that alcohol is in that glass, but of course TMZ has their sources and they say it was.

This video was shot at The Rooftop On 6th … after Manziel had already hit up several other bars in the area.

Unclear what he’s drinking, but sources at the bar tell us it wasn’t water or a Shirley Temple … or anything else non-alcoholic.

It looks like Johnny is back to his old ways after saying his was going sober in June. All I’m saying is the last time Johnny Football was partying like this in Texas he was winning Heismans and getting drafted in the first round. This is the first step to a comeback.