Charissa Thompson Is Making The One Piece Great Again

The Twitter Justice Warriors won’t like that I’m writing a blog on Charissa Thompson doing a photoshoot in a one piece swimsuit. I’m not supposed to act like it’s totally hot when Charissa goes nuts doing some sort of squats and then does some sort of other squat on a surfboard.
I’m sorry, you post this on Snap, it’s getting posted on Busted. That’s how this deal works. We report the news, you decide if you want to click on the news.
I’m going to compliment the hell outta Charissa for working out, tearing up the gym and resisting the urge to pound drinks at the bar. Some of us can’t say no to a drink(s). Meanwhile, Charissa’s over here tearing up the one piece scene.
As for her job these days, Charissa’s still over at Extra doing the interview on the red carpet thing. It’s about time we get her back into sports. The whole FS1 thing was a disaster and now we’re left watching her interview One Direction d-bags at dumb awards shows.
Someone needs to sign Charissa. Give her a show after Dan Patrick on NBCSN. Something.
[HT: @AndrewLiv]
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