ESPNU Color Guy Clint Stoerner Drops At Least 6 White Guy Cliches On Toledo’s John Stepec


Clint Stoerner white guy cliches

You usually hear long strings of white guy football cliches at the NFL Draft when Kiper or Gruden are trying to tell you a white guy is a good football player. ESPNU color guy Clint Stoerner got things rolling early this year with one of the most impressive string of white guy cliches to describe Toledo defensive end late in the 4th quarter as Arkansas State, with the momentum in a 31-10 game, was driving to get within two touchdowns.

That’s when Stepec made a third down play and Stoerner let the cliches fly.

“Work pail, lunch pail” kinda guy.

That's @ClintStoerner with about six white guy football cliches for Rockets DE John Stepec

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 3, 2016

Stepec made the stop, Arkansas State went for it on 4th down, dropped a touchdown pass in the end zone and Toledo went to 1-0.

Stepec had 8 tackles and is about to go viral for all these cliches.

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